Maple Cranberry Cookies

I’ve been craving cookies lately. Really I’ve just been craving the idea of cookies. The reality of my posts is that I love them. I love coming up with ideas, I love the creative process, the dough, flour, anything between my fingers. Moulding food into art that nourishes not just my senses, but my body and soul. Yet, whenever it comes time to write some catchy, witty little paragraph to introduce my newest recipe I sit staring at the screen for an hour ranting about how I hate this part. I really do, I hate pretending that I am an interesting woman keeping a captive audience with her every sparkly word. What I love, is food, and photography. I love how I created the recipes for these cookies in one try.  I love the scent of maple syrup and the bittersweet tang of dried cranberries. For the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with the idea of mixing maple syrup with cranberries and so these cookies came to life.


Prep time: 30-40 minutes

Bake time: 15-18 minutes

Servings: 24 or more cookies



4 c. almond flour

1 1/2 c. dried cranberries

1/2 c. coconut flour

1/4 c. loose brown sugar

1 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. sea salt

1/4 c. coconut oil

1 tsp. organic vanilla

1/2 c. orangic maple syrup

2 eggs



Preheat your oven to 375F.


Combine all dry ingredients except brown sugar in a bowl until well mixed.


Add the cranberries to the bowl of dry mix and begin to combine them until they are well coated.


Next place all wet ingredients together in a small bowl and beat with a fork until the mixture is rich and creamy.


Now add the brown sugar and continue beating with a fork until the sugar has dissolved into the mixture.


You are now ready to add your wet and dry mixes together. Cran7

Pour the wet mix into the dry flour mix and being mixing with a spoon until the dough is thoroughly mixed.


Once your dough appears sticky but combined wash your hands well and grease two cookie sheets with coconut oil. Using the excess oil grease your hands as well as the cookies are formed by hand.


Using your hands roll the dough into ping pong sized balls. The dough will feel sticky and unmanageable at first but it will form into cohesive balls. Don’t worry if your cookies are a little bigger or smaller they will bake the same way. Using ping pong sized cookies I made two dozen cookies twice, but one can easily make bigger cookies or smaller ones. The cookies will spread out a little so be sure to leave a least half an inch between each cookie on the baking sheet.


Once you have rolled all your cookies it is time to flatten them. Due to the stick nature of the dough it is better to use your fingers to gently pat them all down as using the bottom of a glass only ends up with a cookie glued to a water glass, which I promise you is frustrating. Pat each cookie until it is around 1/4 of an inch thick.


Now it is time to place your patted cookies into your preheated 375F oven for 15-18 minutes. If you have heavy bottomed cookie sheets I recommend 18 minutes but if you have regular cookie pans 15 will keep the bottoms from getting too brown.



Once you have baked your cookies leave them on the pan for 3-7 minutes until they have cooled just long enough to be removed without causing utter destruction. Then eat, serve, or freeze, but above all enjoy. By enjoy I mean, don’t stop at two, or four, or eight…



Eat them all, and happy cooking!





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