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I am a big fan of mangoes in frozen form. Big fan. BIG. I have something of an obsession with mango smoothies. Actually I think you could call it an addiction. I mean what is not to love. Bright orange. Packed with vitamin C. Tangy. Sweet. Memorable. Even the word mango is fantastic. Mango. Mang-  Fine, I’ll stop. For now. I also have a love affair with healthy things that are pretending to be wildly unhealthy things. Kind of like when I wear lipstick and pretend to be social. 

Yeah, no. I live in my kitchen. Who has time to go outside?

You know what else I am a big fan of? Spices. I know, you had no idea. Anyway. The first time I made this it had no spices. And while it was rather delightful and mango-y, something was missing. I don’t like food that I can forget I’ve eaten. I like food that leaves me longing long after my hunger has been sated. Food that takes me on an adventure and then kicks me off a cliff into a free fall of fantastical wonder and joy. This is part of why I like spices. Spices can take an ordinary bland food – like say – cauliflower, dress it up, take it out for dinner, build up its self confidence and then teach it to punch you in the face with so much flavour your teeth fall out. Okay, that may have been a bit far. But you get my idea.

So. The first time I made this there was no basil. It was good but not that good. It was mediocre, middle-of-the-road, blah. I don’t like blah. Blah things shouldn’t enter my mouth. I thought fast. Here was this giant bowl of blah and I had to get through it somehow.

I got salt. Dumped it in the bowl.

Too salty.

I got cayenne. Dumped it in the bowl.

Too cayenne-y.

I got basil. Dumped it in the bowl.

So you know that moment when you realize you’re a genius? I’m pretty much a genius. You’re welcome. The peppery mint flavour of the basil contrasted with the tangy sweetness of the mango and banana. I was in heaven. I ate the entire bowl. Then I made it two more times just to make sure it worked. Again, you’re welcome. This sorbet is so good it almost deserves a gold medal. Which is funny because if I am not mistaken there are currently winter Olympics going on. You know what else is funny, I’m Canadian and Canada has gold medals. Wow. Its almost like this is meant to be. An icy fresh dessert – healthy – fast – and of golden hue to celebrate the prowess of Canadian athletes. So make a batch, or two, or ten and watch the Olympics with people you love (obligatory Valentines day reference).

Oh, and you know what the best part is. It takes five minutes to make. FIVE MINUTES. Now look me in the eye and tell me you don’t have five minutes to make something absolutely delicious that doesn’t even have sugar in it. I didn’t think so.

Get the absolutely stunning pdf of the recipe by clicking the hyper link, or scroll down to see the recipe on screen.





Ingredients.     Prep time: 5 min Utensils.
 1 c. frozen banana chunks
2 c. frozen mango chunks
3/4 c. So Delicious Coconut Milk
2-3 fresh basil leaves

 food processor
measuring cup
  1. Pour banana chunks, mango chunks and basil leaves into a food processor
  2. Process banana, mango and basil until it appears “finely ground”
  3. Add So Delicious Coconut Milk to the food processor
  4. Process the mixture until it appears creamy and well blended

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