Rosemary Salmon Cakes

Flaky Rosemary Salmon Cakes against a blurred background.


Rosemary Salmon Cakes

Rosemary Salmon Cakes

Rosemary Salmon Cakes with Cilantro

Rosemary Salmon Cakes

So I’m twenty-three. There is nothing spectacularly exciting about being twenty-three other than — I am twenty-three. I’m usually an introvert. A thinker. I brood in coffee shops and on street corners. In the past month I’ve been told I have a really fun personality based on this little blog I like to call home. I found that strange. I have spent the majority of my short life always focusing on what had to be done next. I rarely ever took or take time to reflect on the fact that I’m really good at being in a lot of ways.

I make absolutely fantastic food. You probably didn’t know that.

I am also an absolutely fantastic photographer (no way you’d know that one either).

I make people laugh, but again, you wouldn’t know about that one either.

All of that to say that I have a tendency to overlook my own abilities or compare them to others around me and give up before even trying out of fear. I don’t trust my heart and sharp mind to hold my life together so I fill it up with distraction, excuses and time wastes.

Well… I did.

Anyway, the point is that to cover up what I saw as my inadequacies I filled my life with unneeded junk. A lot like all the salmon cake recipes I spent hours googling last week. Seriously. Every single recipe called for breadcrumbs, flour, crackers — white stuff. What if I didn’t want the white stuff? What if I wanted to live my life?! What if..

So I made some without filler. Yeah it was a leap of faith. Just my food processor, my kitchen and I on the adventure of a lifetime. But I was going to make something beautiful without any fear to fill in the wide open dazzling spaces. Or in this case, the mushy raw salmon. But that sounds less poetic.

It worked!

See that’s the strange thing about taking chances, things have just as much a chance of turning out as they have of falling apart. And lets face it, even if my salmon cakes had fallen apart I’d still have eaten them. (All of them, by myself. Pfft, sharing? Are you kidding. I share all the time. These are my —

…And I’m arguing with an imaginary person on the internet. No really, I’m sane.)

I’d never used rosemary before, and certainly not fresh rosemary which is like ten billion times more potent. But I put some in my mouth anyway and chewed. ‘Cause you know, I’m adventurous like that. I think rosemary tastes like courage, and peppery basil. Its pungent, aromatic, cleansing aroma and flavour elevate the delicate salmon giving something already delicious a kick-in-the-pants kind of awe inspiring flavour.

So basically I’m saying, you should try it. And I’m twenty-three. Where I am is only as exciting as I make it, and guess what, I made Rosemary Salmon Cakes! I don’t know about you — but I’m pretty excited about that.

Get the pdf for Rosemary Salmon Cakes or keep on scrolling go getter, you can do this!

Ingredients.     Prep time: 15 min  Cook time: 10 min   Utensils.
2 250g salmon fillets
1 medium onion
1 yellow pepper or 2 carrots
1 sprig fresh rosemary
1 tsp sea salt
olive oil
food processor
large frying pan
  1. In a food processor process onion, pepper and rosemary until finely chopped
  2. Rip up and place raw salmon fillets in food processor (if frozen make sure they are thawed first) with the chopped mixture
  3. Process until the salmon appears doughy and smooth, this should only take a few minutes
  4. Using your hands form balls out of the salmon mixture and gently pat them flat, leave them about an inch thick
  5. Gently place the salmon patties in a large frying pan with some space between them, then pour olive oil around them until it comes 1/4 to 1/2 way up the patties
  6. Put the frying pan on the heat and turn it on high, doing it in this way prevents splattering when putting the patties in the oil for the first time and ensures they don’t fall apart
  7. Fry on first side for 5-7 minutes then gently turn over and finish frying for another 5-3 minutes or until the cake becomes firm and appears cooked when broken in half
  8. If you have left over salmon mixture gently place those patties in the pan and add oil as needed, repeat

6 thoughts on “Rosemary Salmon Cakes

  1. these look awesome. love the light sear you got going. do you use cast iron, or just a regular frying pan?

    as a 23 year old, i whole heartedly support your right to season your salmon cakes with as much rosemary as you please.

    also, who needs filler when you have salmon? all that white stuff is taking up space that could be occupied by more delicious fish.

    • Admit it, you wish you were twenty-three like me. I just use a regular teflon frying pan because the cast iron one is the size of a bread plate, and I’m not that patient. Although in a cast iron… yeah, if you have one do that. I’m waiting for warmth (stupid Canadian winter) so I can try it on the bbq. That will be fantastic.

      • i don’t have to wish, i am twenty-three. so there.

        where abouts in canada are you? my buddies are from edmonton and i’ve heard living there can be rough. i hope you have the good fortune to be living in calgary, vancouver, or montreal.

      • Does four hours from Vancouver count? Really I shouldn’t complain. The weather here is wonderful, there’s really no snow to speak of… but I like tropical temperatures and they aren’t happening yet. Haha.. Edmonton makes living in Edmonton hard. =P And I just showed all my cards. *Cue hate mail.*

        Pfft, you may be twenty-three but not in the way *I* am twenty-three.

      • i would be willing to guarantee i am not twenty-three in the same way *you* are twenty-three.

        and that is probably for the best. i don’t think my tiny little mind could handle it. it would probably just explode or turn into faintly pink soup..

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