Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie

Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie 8

Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie 1

Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie 3

Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie 5

Muddy Waters Spinach Smoothie 6

I’m watching Charmed while I write this. I have a tiny head cold, I’m slightly sleep deprived from a graveyard shift and what can I say I’m becoming a Charmed addict. As I have recently procured gainful employment as well as the chance to volunteer with an absolutely fantastic organization known as Positive News my life is just slightly hectic lately. So what happens when my life gets hectic?

I drink raw spinach.

No, I’m actually serious. Right now I’m drinking a spinach and peach smoothie while I’m writing the content for my post on a different spinach smoothie… because when life gets crazy you really need to drink your chlorophyll. What, you thought that sugar donut was going to provide you the potent, burning, hopefully eternal energy of the sun? Think again. If you want the power to stay blazing 24/7 you have to go straight to that blessed source itself. The light outside your window. Excuse me while I try to gracefully climb down from this soapbox while drinking my mason jar of green magic. (Everything tastes better in a mason jar, I recommend buying at least 50.)

Now before you tell me that you hate spinach, or that spinach in a smoothie sounds a lot more like the last-thing-you’d-ever-want-to-drink-even-if-you-were-dying-alone-in-a-dark-alley-and-only-it-would-save-you.

Calm down.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of disgusting food. That isn’t to say I haven’t suffered certain things because I had to eat right that minute and I had no choice, I have, and every time I’ve done that something inside of me has thrown a giant fit and told me NEVER AGAIN.

So I try to make delicious things. Life is too short to hate eating. Eating takes up at least half of your life. Why would you wilfully hate half of your lif-

Soapbox. Right. Sorry.

..climbing down.

Anyway. This isn’t disgusting. My thirteen year old sister even liked it. Granted, she’s a vegetarian who chews raw ginger because she likes it..but still. Let’s ignore that part. Now as you can see the smoothie does look a little bit brown, but chocolate is brown so get over it. I believe in embracing reality so I decided to claim this smoothie and call it “muddy waters.” My significant other is also sailing the Mississippi as we speak so I have rivers on my mind already.

This smoothie is fantastic and packed with antioxidants from both the spinach and the blueberries. In a crazy life full of racing around our bodies become warehouses for toxins. And let me tell you dear incredibly attractive and intelligent reader, that stuff needs somewhere to go… and let me tell you that somewhere had better not be the fat stores on your body.

(Fast health lesson, when your liver is over-loaded it stores toxins in fat to keep it from polluting your body. Have some fat that just won’t leave? That’s probably why, your body is protecting you from toxic breakdown. Drink antioxidants, happy livers like to listen to your pleas for help. They do.)

This post is far longer than I thought it would be. Oh well, maybe you’re learning something. Scroll down to see the incredibly short list of instructions to make this smoothie (spoiler, you dump things in a blender and you blend them.)




Ingredients.     Prep time: 15 min Utensils.

2 c. raw spinach
2 c. frozen blueberries
2 c. frozen watermelon
2 c. almond milk

mason jar
  1. In a blender combine all ingredients until smooth, drink and enjoy!

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