Sweet n’ Sour Vegan Stir-fry

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Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 1

Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 2

Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 3

Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 4

Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 5

Sweet and Sour Vegan Stir-fry 6



So I bought a julienne peeler. I bet you can’t tell. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I pity you. Really, I do. Ever since I acquired this piece of culinary equipment magic I’ve become obsessed.

Are you really too lazy to open a new browser window and google “julienne peeler”? Seriously? Wow. Well fine, I guess I’ll do it for you then. You’re welcome. Here. I just hope clicking that link wasn’t too hard for you.

Since you’re obviously curious right now I’m drinking a hemp, celery and blueberry smoothie. (Still vegan.) A few days ago while visiting my favourite chiropractor in the entire universe (no, really, if there were a chiropractor for your soul she’d be it) I mentioned that I’d gone vegan. Now its only been around ten days but, she could tell. SHE COULD TELL. Now don’t ask me how chiropractors have that kind of magic, I can’t tell you — but she did explain to me that the less toxins I have in my body the easier I am to adjust. In other words, ten days of a purely plant based diet and my body is racing to release years of toxic build-up. Knowing that everything I put in my mouth is helping my body create and sustain the life I want is so exciting. I can’t even express it to you.

In case you’re wondering if I’ve run out of vegan ideas yet. I haven’t. The challenges of a paleo-vegan diet are actually quite thrilling. But this is all getting boring.

Back to the peeler.

So I bought a julienne peeler…. now if you don’t own one of these drop everything you’re doing, and go to the nearest store and buy one right now.

Cake in the oven? Charcoal is good for digestion.

Laundry need to be hung on the line? I’ve heard wrinkles are coming back in.

I’m serious. Go buy one, now. It makes carrots into angel hair. It makes zucchini into angel hair. It makes squash into angel hair. IT MAKES VEGETABLES INTO ANGEL HAIR. Do you realize what this means? PASTA. Made completely, and totally, and entirely out of vegetables.

To celebrate my new magic kitchen implement I made amazing sweet n’ sour stir-fry. Now this recipe could probably feed four people if you served it over quinoa. Maybe. I honestly don’t know. I don’t do sharing. I quite literally made the entire recipe, for myself, and then ate it all in one sitting. All of it. The entire pan. All by myself. 

You know a really cool thing about eating plants? You can eat a LOT of plants.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a julienne peeler, use a regular peeler, slice your veggies into thin slices or cubes. Mix it up. Recipes are made to be broken. In fact don’t panic if you don’t have the veggies in the recipe, use what you have on hand. Add celery chunks, add peas, add beet cubes, add halved brussel sprouts, add sweet potato noodles. The moral of this story is basically, what you have in your fridge right now will work.


Get the pdf for Sweet n’ Sour Vegan Stir-fry here or keep scrolling.





Ingredients.     Prep time: 15 min  Cook time: 20   Utensils.
2 c sliced onions

2 c julienned carrots

2 c julienned zucchini

1/4-1/2 c apple cider vinegar

2 c sprouts

1 c green beans

1/4 agave nectar

cayenne to taste

1/4 c olive oil

salt to taste



 julienne peeler
large saucepan


  1. Prep all vegetables and set aside
  2. In a large saucepan heat olive on medium heat for a minute or two and then add onions
  3. Allow onions to sauté for five minutes before adding the rest of the vegetables
  4. While vegetables are beginning to cook mix together vinegar and agave nectar
  5. Pour honey mixture over vegetables, stir well and continue cooking
  6. Cook until desired softness, adding cayenne and salt to taste
  7. Eat it all

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