Spring Refresher Green Smoothie

Spring Refresher Smoothie6

Spring Refresher Smoothie2

Spring Refresher Smoothie1

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Spring Refresher Smoothie7

I’m eating a salad right now. I have to write this post really fast because we’re having a surprise farewell party for my sister tonight and I need to help set things up. But also, I need to write a food post. Dedication. It’s what I do.

Since going vegan I’ve been playing a game called — how can I do this in a way that nourishes my body without sending me into complete hormonal breakdown. Not that I wasn’t already in hormonal breakdown, that’s actually the point. The last thing I need to do is send a spiraling body into all out crazy-town. I can be hypoglycemic. Really. Really. REALLY HYPOGLYCEMIC.

I’d explain it to you, but you have Google and I have a party. So, sorry. Not sorry.

As someone who has spent the majority of her existence playing Russian roulette with her blood sugar I really don’t like spur of the moment anything. Ever. If I don’t know when I’ll be eating next I will eventually quite literally lose my mind. So drastically changing my diet always promises to be extra super exciting. I live a really thrilling life. Anyway. I’ve found my solution. To what exactly? Mornings.

Before you shake your lazy head in agreement I do not mean that I have a hard time getting out of bed. Since going vegan I’ve been to quote one of my best friends “an energy bunny on crack.” I wake up at exactly 7:14 AM every morning without an alarm and promptly want to run around screaming how glorious the sun is. I know, I wouldn’t hate me too. What, that isn’t what you were going to say? You wound me.

Moving on.

Mornings are bad, or, were bad for one reason. Blood sugar. After sleeping for a really long time my blood-sugar was always ready to loathe me and no matter what I ate I felt like I was going to crash. Until I met the love of my life.


I’m sorry, did you think I was going to say a name? Maybe the name of my lover? Cute. I love my forever-human don’t get me wrong, but he can’t balance my blood sugar. Spinach can.

I’ve heard about green smoothies before. I’ve silently gagged on the idea and then shoved my face with chocolate to recover from the mental mutilation.

But then, I kinda went vegan.  There went eggs. Not that I’ve ever liked eggs, they were just so conveniently disgusting in the morning. But no more. I’ve tried quiona. Quinoa and steamed spinach. Chia seed pudding. All of it was great, but I still felt unbalanced for hours.

So I went green.

My blender and I made a deal. My blender would puree the living _____ out of green things and I would drink it.

Have I mentioned I REALLY LIKE drinking spinach.

I was brainwashed by the idea that green is gross. It isn’t I swear on my smoothie. It is ridiculously wonderfully fantastic and you should try it. I know you’re a little scared, that’s okay, those are just your abnormal cortisol levels talking. Drink this and you’ll feel better. Happy hormones equal a happy life. Have I mentioned I have to go help out for a party? I’m going to go now, and make quiona burgers because vegans have more fun.

There is no pdf today because I have no time and also because you dump all of these things in a blender and blend, that’s it. I think you can handle that without printing it off. Be well dear readers, and drink green stuff!



Ingredients.     Prep time: 15 min Utensils.

3 c. raw spinach
3 c. chopped celery
3 c. frozen watermelon
3 tbs. lemon juice

  1. In a blender combine all ingredients until smooth, drink and enjoy!



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