10 Minute Taco Shells – Vegan – Paleo – Gluten free











I’ve been told I’m intimidating. Like the food I love I tend to flavor my words, my actions and my beliefs with a little extra cayenne. There is no such thing as going half-way with my food journey or anything. Ever. This means I can be terrible at saying no. When you have a TAKE-ON-ALL-THE-THINGS personality you tend to actually take on all the things…and then..you have to do all the things. All. The. Things.

So a month later, I’m finally back here sharing my culinary joys with you dear readers.

Remember that time I said I was going to post about chickpea flour for the next year? I wasn’t lying. As terrible as it is to eat only one food for a month.. I’ve only been eating one food for a month. Wraps.

I wrap spinach. I wrap quiona. I wrap hummus. I wrap mushrooms. I wrap onions, lettuce, broccoli, re-fried beans.

You probably get the point.

If you have any experience with gluten-free living, and by any I really mean ANY. If you have even dabbled in gluten-free you’ve probably figured out a pretty terrifying truth.

Gluten free is disgusting.

Now don’t attack me with your copies of Wheat Belly just yet. Seriously. Don’t. 

Walk into any trendy or somewhat aware supermarket today and you’ll find a gluten free section.

(Or maybe just a shelf.)

Either way. Everything you will find there in cellophane and plastic will be inedible. I wish I were being dramatic. Going gluten-free should never EVER mean reverting to chalk dust consumption for the rest of one’s natural life.  I’ve done the gluten-free wrap thing. I’ve paid ridiculous amounts of money for stiff, cardboard imitating, rounds of digestive death. Now no offense to people that think they are delicious – but you’re insane.

Enter our hero — Chickpeas.

Rushing through the dimly lit aisles and into our waiting kitchens, to rescue us from the lie that good food has to taste bad.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed dear reader, but the above photos show that tortillas that BEND. They are creating a full 360 degree round of flexible heaven.


There really isn’t anything else to say after that. I did the impossible.

You’re welcome.

Not only are these delicious pieces of magic gluten free, they are also Vegan and Paleo friendly!!!

Get my easy to follow recipe and instructions by clicking this pdf right here or keep on scrolling you trooper you.


Ingredients.     Prep time: 3 min Cook time: 7 min   Utensils.
2 c. filtered water
1 1/2 c. chickpea flour
2 tsp. agave nectar OR honey
2 tbs. olive oil

large frying pan
1. Combine ingredients, mix well until smooth without lumps

2. Heat a large frying pan or skillet until very hot

3. Pour a fifth of the batter (less or more depending on your desired size) into the pan and tilt the pan to evenly spread the batter – this is a quick process don’t worry if your first one doesn’t cooperate you’ll get it

4. Allow to cook for 90 seconds on first side, then gently loosen the edges of the taco shell with a spatula before turning it over

5. Cook on final side for 30 seconds and then transfer to a plate and cover with a teatowel to keep warm and moist or eat immediately


**Tip – your first taco shell may seem a bit abysmal, wanting to stick to the pan this is only because the pan is not hot enough – the next ones will work flawlessly 🙂






3 thoughts on “10 Minute Taco Shells – Vegan – Paleo – Gluten free

  1. What filling have you used in the pictures with the 10 minute taco (chickpea) wrap posted above – Please could you share the recipe.

    • In the photos I have simply prepared quinoa as usual and then fried it with taco seasoning and about half a cup of tomato paste the same way you would with ground beef. Adding black beans, peppers and green onions is a great way to enhance as well!

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