Rosemary Salmon Cakes

Rosemary Salmon Cakes

So I’m twenty-three. There is nothing spectacularly exciting about being twenty-three other than — I am twenty-three. I’m usually an introvert. A thinker. I brood in coffee shops and on street corners. In the past month I’ve been told I have a really fun personality based on this little blog I like to call home. … Continue reading

Paleo Crackers

I promised myself I’d never miss a post. I’ve loved cooking all my life. The idea that I through combining ingredients could create something that not only healed and nourished the body but was also artistic was addicting. Everything I do acts as an art form. My way of releasing tension is to escape into … Continue reading

Lemon Pudding Cake

I love wearing the colour yellow. The bad part about wearing yellow is that it isn’t slimming, which is why I like wearing black, but not together because the last thing I need is some joke about being the “Queen Bee.” (You don’t think that would happen? You haven’t met my family.) However, even more … Continue reading