20140612-194834-71314959.jpgMy food philosophy is simple.

Eat what makes you feel good.

I didn’t feel good – for years. I ate myself into misery, depression, and constant sickness. I ate myself onto the edge and almost fell off. Then. I stopped     eating. I stopped eating wheat, grain and cereals. The edge still loomed in front of me. I stopped eating the big starches: potatoes, rice, corn, peas and   tapioca. The edge got smaller. I stopped eating all animal products and soy. I can hardly see the edge now.

I don’t ride any diet trains, I wander the wilderness of “what on earth can I even eat any more” and “will anything ever taste good again.” And then – I kick   its  ever loving ***. I like food and sarcasm in equal doses. Like my life my food is chaotic, clean, curious and packed with enough spice to knock me on my back once in awhile. I’m a story-teller, a researcher, a spice lover and something of a camera junkie. I like food photography. If you’re here, you like food photography.

Let’s be friends.

Whether you’re an internet wearied wanderer, or a sojourner on route to your “feel good” I’m here to make you laugh, offer some delicious ideas and remind you that you’re not alone in this crazy food world.

Much love and happy eating!



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